The World society has changed to such an extent that we are no longer able to have life without internet technology in the last twenty years. However, all internet technology services cannot exist without stable electric power supply. Our corporate visions are contributing the high intelligent consulting services in the field of Internet Technology and Stable Eco Power Supply Technology, which are two important infrastructures in society.

IT Consulting

Designing complicated and optimized IT network with security. Real time communication network, such as a VOIP, Video conferencing solution, optimizing Video streaming services, has more than 20 years of experience of professional consulting services. Analyzing and optimizing network protocol, remote monitoring services and security detections can be provided for 24/365.


Japanese Government is targeting the ratio of renewable energy 15% (year of 2016) to 22% - 24% by the year of 2030. Also, self-sufficiency energy supply is quite urgent issue here in Japan. Even severe natural disaster situation, private power generator market demand is getting higher than before. We have a mission to use and promote most advanced technologies in Europe for biomass power generation.